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Marie Claire

What's trending globally in makeup  


Marie Claire

What's trending globally in makeup  


Marie Claire

What's trending globally in makeup  


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Elle Magazine Makeup Tips 2017

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Big earrings  

Booking your makeup & hair

I recommend booking your trial for a special occasion. Whenever possible its always nice too book your makeup and hair trial on the same day so you can see the completed look together. It's not always going to be possible but whenever it can be done as long as plenty of notice is given we will try our best to do so.

Firstly you are going to look fantastic so you won't want to waste good makeup just going home too wash it off. It's best too organise the trial for a special occasion like a hens night or a night out. I also recommend getting your makeup/hair done early on in the day too.

As the wedding day the makeup/hair is normally done really early on in the day. That way you can see for yourself just how long the makeup lasts & you can also give me feedback as to whether your face got a bit shiney by the end of the day & how the makeup stayed in place, then we can discuss either getting a touch up face powder or applying a fine powder over the top of the makeup to set it.

"The latest look" or makeup "that is on trend" at the moment is a dewy look, which is great BUT unfortunately the makeup needs to stay on for over 12 hours so in order for the makeup to last the appropriate products need to be used to achieve longevity. Its still possible to achieve a highlighted makeup look which still has the staying power needed to last all day/night. 

If you are planning on having a fake tan make sure you have used the tanning company before and try the tan at least a few months before your wedding. As you don't want to have a tan disaster and turn out orange or patchy on your wedding day.



British Vogue - Autumn / Winter

Sixties lashes  


Sixties lashes  

British Vogue - Autumn / Winter


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British Vogue - Autumn / Winter 2017

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ELLE Magazine Makeup Tip #3

ELLE Magazine Makeup Tip #2

Dewy Skin & blush - No Strobing, or heavy Contour 

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ELLE Magazine Makeup Tip #1

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Australia's HOT makeup tips 2017


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Look #6 - Whats HOT in 2017 in Paris


Look #5 - 2017 Makeup Trends

Whats HOT in 2017

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Look #4 - Whats HOT in Paris 2017


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Look #3 - Whats Trending in Paris 2017

80's Makeup 

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Look #2 Whats HOT in Paris 2017


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